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I reckon I got a bit overzealous about this new year. So many ideas and plans, books to read, horses to ride, places to see. I was….still am…high on life! One month later the flu decked like someone up there said ”hold your horses, will ya? You ain’t twenty anymore.Stop acting like a cheetah on dope.”

Double the age, double the life wisdom. So, some days I feel like my heydays are over. I guess you could say I’m currently in my haydays if you catch my drift. 😜 Then again, I work with troubled teenagers who dropped out of school and lacks motivation to study or is amidst finding their identity and their place in a very weird world. It is so much tougher today for these kids to make their voices heard than when I grew up.

So, my point is that I should, well at least try, to embrace this new era entering the 40’s. So, first of all, I have cleared my arrangements four weeks in October. We’re currently in the recruitment process and with just me and my boss, holiday planning prior to that simply is not on.

Four weeks. Well, forget about me sitting on my bum for four weeks.Not going to happen. I am browsing cheap flight tickets, making itineraries in my head. My travel buddy and oldest friend seems to give travelling a miss this year as she and her bloke have other plans. So, I am standing here alone with my passport, back pack and travel plans.Let’s just say the US is out of the question. Motala could easily be mistaken for Mosul in the passport for a president with very, very limited knowledge about this world. I would probably be sent back to Iraq asap. Yep. A very plausible scenario. 

I have a confession to make. I have sinned. I have uploaded eBooks. I KNOW….! That is so not me. The kind of person who loves holding a book and feel the crisp paper between the fingers.The smell. Then again, I have developed a rather environmental consciousness and if I can save one tree, I will. Just recently I learnt about all the lavishly built swimming pool areas and all the maintenance they require when there’s a shortage of fresh water in the world.That information left me feeling a bit awkward and that will probably haunt me if I would feel the urge to go dipping myself in a swimming pool. 

 I think I’ll join a relief team in Africa in the life after this.  

Anyway. Books. So I have sinned. Three times. The books about the little beach street bakery by Jenny Colgan were just adorable and addictive. I have just added Cornwall and St Michael’s Mount to my places-to-see-before-I-die list. I loved every part of it even though I have my doubts about puffins as pets. I have read all three books and I feel devastated that there’s not a fourth one. Then again, I have saved at least three trees. No guarantees, I am afraid. I might save a few more.


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  1. Nothing beats a real book for true reading enjoyment, but ebooks are handy, too! Four weeks for travel sounds absolutely amazing and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. And hopefully some lovely photos on your blog after the actual trip. 😀


    1. Tess skriver:

      Nothing is settled yet, but Australia is definitely on the list.😊



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