Long, lazy weekend


The moon


And I have absolutely no idea how to use this sacred stint. This morning my aching back suggested a horizontal position all weekend. 15 minutes later I literally rolled out of bed. I went to see a naprapath a couple of months ago. My back looks like a curved banana why she suspects a vertebral compression on L4. Due to the compression, my left femoral muscles are stretched which subsequently means a lot of pressure on my right knee. Oh, and I have a trashed acetabular labrum which causes the slight feeling that the entire hip will occasionally be disjointed. The naprapath scratched her head and mumbled something about never seen something similar before. Well, no surprise there. Yes, I will go to the health centre for an appointment at X-ray and hopefully shortly thereafter a physiotherapist can start doing magic.  On the to-do list of 2017.

Anyway, lovely day for it! I thought I would go on road trip as the forecasts promised sunshine and a blue sky. Guess what happened? 🌧🌧🌧🌧☔🌂☂☂☂

The destination of this road trip? Well, I haven’t been to Läckö Castle for decades. The mediaeval castle ( mind you, Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie gave Läckö its contemporary appearance back in 1654) is beautifully located by Lake Vänern, north of Lidköping. As a kid, my mum and dad brought me and sis here to visit the exhibitions at the castle. At that time, I was somewhat less enthusiastic than my parents. Not to mention the china outlet at Rörstrand…

Obviously, now it is off season so the castle is closed for spontaneous visitors, but its exterior surface and surroundings are worth the trip.
Oh yeah, as soon as I uttered the words the weather gods started laughing. Hilarious. Really. So, the trip is postponed for a few days.

First things first. An appointment is scheduled at the hairdresser tomorrow, then I’ll figure something out. 

Bus, the cat, is watching his territory.


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