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Friday. I don’t usually work Fridays so the fact that I’ll be on duty today will most surely mess with my brain about day it is, say tomorrow. The alarm went off at 5.45 a.m this morning and tired after a night with a little less sleep than desired. Just because my brain was simply too speeded.

Brain: Oi! You awake?

Me: No. Go away. Get to bed! Sleep! I need you in the morning.

Brain: I can’t sleep. Let’s play a game.

Me: Nooo. Just let me go to sleep. Okay?

Brain: Here’s one for you. What’s the name of the pancreatic islets again?

Me: What?!!!

Brain: Just asking. But hey, never mind. Night.

No, I am not kidding. This is how my brain functions. It sort of asks a question suddenly  I am just wide awake and I can’t go to sleep before I know the answer.The aswer is the islets of Langerhans by the way. I don’t even know what I have stored this particular piece of information.

I caught up with my superior and in my opinion, 7.30 a.m is still far too early to commence work.It’s a two hour drive to the lovely city of Göteborg. 20 years later, I still manage my way thtough to the the final destination. Despite constant roadwork, new routes, additional tunnels. Despite that my superior relies more on the satellite nav system.

Tess – GPS 4-0! Woooohooo!

4 hours back and forth for a meeting that lasted 1,5 hour. Then again, the superdelicious carrot cake they served afterwards totally made up for the journey. There was a gluten free alternative as well so even Tess could enjoy the delights. Efficient meetings in all its glory, but coffee is the key to a successful meeting, I’ll tell you!

Business dinner at a White Guide Café afterwards.Their speciality is vegetarian and vegan food and well, I love vegetables and all that but I need some sort of animal substance in my nourishment. God, I wish I hadn’t devoured carrot cake. I was practically full at that time.

Espresso House. My favourite coffee shop! As the mode of transport changed, I had to take the train back to Mariestad. Train by the way, nooooo, that is far too glamourous when you travel within the regional borders. I had to take the railbus back. It is slow, cheap and not very smooth. You feel practically every joint and if you bring coffee on board, please don’t remove the lid. Just a piece of advice.

A white mocha latte with whipped cream on top makes just about any of my days. Even though the railbus stops at every single village inhabited by more than two persons.








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  1. That sounds like the sort of bus that might be fun if you’re not in a hurry.

    Also: coffee and cake makes anything better!


    1. Tess skriver:

      Exactly! I wouldn’t mind that sort of tour on a day off and sometimes it is quite nice to see the landscape fly past the train window.
      Amazing, isn’t it? How a cup of brewed beans and gooey cake make the entire day so much better. ☺

      Gillad av 1 person


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