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In the spotlight

Over the years I have been a frequent face in media and when I dispersed the numerous articles I have been involved in they covered my big coffee table. So, I admit I possess a faint streak of vanity. The feeling of achieving something and subsequently get attention in media is highly satisfactory.

After a couple of years out of the spotlight it was high time to step back in. I have a position as the deputy chairman in Kulturallians Mariestad, a newly formed alliance set to represent cultural associations and be their voice to the politicians. There might be several associations with similar problems or needs, so instead of having 10 members from 10 different associations, we will serve as an intermediary between politics and association to find a solution. A task force basically. I believe it will be a most rewarding job and I feel honoured to be part of this group.

Normally, Fridays are my day off and they are sacred. As I work hard during the weekends I try to keep Friday clean. Well, I could always fit in coffee, a bit of shopping or a road trip but apart from that CLEAN. This week I have swapped days so I have my day off today instead. I have an appoinment in Göteborg tomorrow about participation in an art exhibition. Not me personally, but as a representative for my employer Panncentralen which is also an art gallery. it is great fun to experience the creative world of talented artists, photographers and sculptors.

Going to the big smoke means decent coffee at Espresso House, the brash city life and the constant fear of crossing paths with a tram. A report from the adventures tomorrow will reach your computer within shortly.

Oh, it’s getting late. I’d better catch a few zeds before the alarm brutally interupt my sweet dreams.  Catch you later! 🙂


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  1. Looking forward to reading the report of your adventures!



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