The Great Turnaround






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A couple of years ago I commenced on what I call my great turnaround. It was not a turnaround really, I just diverted from my current route that had nothing to offer me. I need constant personal development to stay mentally healthy and I believe that’s how most people function.

Looking back on the journey, I admit it was a bumpy ride to say the least. However, it was necessary for me to go through that fire.  Yes, I am a fatalist and I believe t++hings happen for a reason which is beyond our control. The outcome turned out to be a reinvention of myself. I realised I had been following someone else’s footprints for far too long. I was lost.

So, it was one scary journey. My self esteem had hit rock bottom and facing the road ahead was, well, overwhelming.

3 years later I am still travelling. I am not 100 %, but 85…or nah, closer to 87,5 % or perhaps 90. In those whereabouts, I believe. After spending a well-needed rest to give my brain a chance to cool down, I got a job doing the dishes in a restaurant in Mariestad. It was perfect! I was back in business, had a job that didn’t require much brain activitity. I had a salary. A social life, or at least interaction with other people. Times changed, I needed more work and more advanced tasks so I ended up as waiting staff in a restaurant on Kinnekulle, an hour drive from my town of residence. In a fortnight or so, I have my first anniversary of employment. Coming to work, feels like coming home in a way. Love it!

About the same time, I was offered a job as a project coordinator in Mariestad. The aim of the project is to guide and support teenagers who have dropped out of school. The goal is obviously to help them find meaningful studies  or an appropriate employment/ internship/ apprenticeship. We also support underaged asylum seekers in their struggle to learn Swedish, English and math. Listening to their horrifying stories fleeing from war zones gives me a greater perspective on life and I have turned a bit more humble. Mainly I confine my whereabouts to the laptop, mobile phone and coffee cup at the office.

So, project coordinator during weekdays and waiting staff in the weekends suits me just fine. I have awesome work mates, a good salary to pay for the equine expenses and one of the perks is the delicious food I get to eat of course. Two jobs, two council positions, two horses and add to that those 8 hours of driving each week. Life needs a tad bit of planning, but I love it!

Last Easter I decided to eliminate all gluten and potatoes (boiled, mashed, fried, deep fried, chips…you name it). It was not that I had any problems, yet I felt so much better. I started loosing weight without following a particular diet. I love food far too much for that. I am still on a learning curve here, but I have realised I can bake and make about pretty much the same things with gluten free substitutes so I don’t really miss anything.





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  1. You gave up potatoes? Goodness! The thought makes me feel a little shaky – I love potatoes far too much – but you look absolutely amazing, so there must be something in that plan.


    1. Tess skriver:

      Yeah, well I had my doubts too initially. I can’t say I find boiled potatoes very exciting but apart from that, I love potatoes too. However the outcome of giving up potatoes is even better. I feel fantastic! 😀❤

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