My name is Anna Therese Svärm or Tess among friends. I was born in Motala, Sweden in 1977 and grew up with mum, dad and kid sister Louise. And a a glass jar of stick insects. And a dog. And a rabbit. And stray cats that just moved in and out as they pleased. All animals were not housed simultaneously, mind you. In 1984 I started taking riding lessons and 30 years later I still can’t imagine a world without horses. In the beginning my preferences were showjumping and dressage, but after a back injury due to showjumping I gave up that idea. Instead I found the small and furry Icelandic horses with a couple of extra gaits and well, now I own two where one of them is my own breeding, ready to be broken in during this year.

I grew up very determined and hot headed but I am also convinced that with a positive attitude and a pinch of humbleness nothing is impossible. My curiosity has rewarded me with a great treasure of knowledge, mostly an asset but sometimes it becomes a bit of a liability. Apart from the horses, I take an interest in a bit of everything such as literature, art, music, travel and architecture.

Today I live in the countryside with horse paddocks outside the window while I figure out what the next step in life will be. In this blog you will read about the incredible adventures of Tess and my passion for horses, travel, cooking and ice hockey.

I write primarily in English as I feel more confident with that, but please feel free to leave comments in Swedish, German, French or Spanish and I will reciprocate in desired language.

Welcome to my corner of the world!



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